How to save money and help protect the planet when you shop with Earth Rewards

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How to save money and help protect the planet when you shop with Earth Rewards

Earth Rewards Retailers

Available for Android and iOS today, the Earth Rewards app connects climate-conscious shoppers with popular and sustainable retailers offering money saving offers on all their stores as well as carbon offsetting environmental reward points back on every shop. Members can spend points exclusively in the Earth Rewards app to offset their carbon emissions and support the fight against deforestation in the Amazon Rainforest.

Shop offers on the Earth Rewards app

We’ve secured competitive offers at over forty top retailers to deliver our lovely community a selection of deals and discounts across fashion, home & beauty, travel and more. It’s super simple to start saving money and earning free carbon-busting Earth Rewards points when you shop too! Download the app and sign up for free, browse the fantastic offers available to find the right deal and tap on the ‘Shop Now’ button to be taken to the merchant’s store. Claim an offer on the merchant’s store and we’ll record your purchase so we can can reward you with your Earth Rewards points. It’s important to make sure you aren’t using private browsing, ad-block or delete cookies as your transaction may not be able to be recorded.

How Earth Rewards points offset your carbon footprint

After your transaction is successfully recorded, Earth Rewards will begin to process your reward points and send them to your wallet in the app. Every single point goes towards supporting our certified rainforest protection partners in the Amazon Rainforest. You can then use your points to offset your carbon emissions for free! Once you have earned some Earth Rewards points you can start to offset your CO2! Every point has a carbon equivalent value of 1kg CO2e that is offset once that point is spent. If we were to offset our train to work and back it would cause approximately 20kg of CO2e due to the train’s emissions. Therefore, we’d need 20 Earth Rewards points to offset that impact. Pretty straightforward, right? If you want to learn more about carbon offsetting and how Earth Rewards points offset your carbon emissions, we’ve got you covered right here.

What brands have offers on Earth Rewards?

Over 40 retailers have already partnered up with us at launch. There’s a huge range of shops available from fashion icons, ethical health and beauty products, sustainable household goods, food and drink subscriptions and a whole lot more. The full list of all of retailer partners featured in the Earth Rewards this week are: Banana Republic, Bloom, Bloombox UK, Boma Towels, Butternut Box, Cabin Zero, Chip, Cole Haan, Cowshed, Craft Gin Club, Eve Sleep, Face Theory, FitFlop UK, Floral Street, Gant, Gap EU, Green Chef UK, Hello Fresh, Isle of Paradise, KINN Living, Little Cooks Co, Lolas Cupcakes, Lyres Spirits, Merrell, Nature’s Truth, Onto, People Tree, Quality Unearthed, Readly, Reef Knots, Scandiborn, Secret Escapes, Simply Argan, Smol Products, Spaceship Rentals, TechBuyer, The Little Green Sheep, Timberland, Touchnote and Wild Nutrition UK.

Are the retailers sustainable?

It’s so important to us that our retailers are taking the right steps to reduce their carbon impact and operate sustainably such as using recyclable or biodegradable packaging, vegan or plant-based products or offsetting the company’s emissions. Sustainable choices are at the core of Earth Rewards’ beliefs and whilst It’s impractical to live a “carbon zero” lifestyle, we believe we can all make small changes to our everyday habits that are better for us and the planet. This starts with reducing our carbon footprint and offsetting the impacts we can’t always avoid to live a balanced lifestyle that’s a little kinder to the planet. That’s why as well as shopping and earning points, we empower our members to track, reduce and offset their carbon footprint from the Earth Rewards app.

How do I track my carbon footprint?

Take advantage of free carbon tracking directly from your Earth Rewards Tracker in the app to start calculating and measuring your everyday carbon impact: heating the home, running the car, catching a train or a post-lockdown vacation. We all have a carbon footprint, we just don’t all know what it looks like or understand how we can reduce it. From a flight right down to a cup of coffee, Earth Rewards members track, reduce and offset every step of their carbon footprint using data provided by Professor Mike Berners Lee, a leading carbon footprint expert.

Ready to find your first great offer and start earning Earth Rewards points? Download or update the app now! By the way, more and more retailers are waiting to be signed up to offer premium discounts and carbon-busting Earth Rewards points as we speak so keep your eyes peeled for more. If you’ve got a favourite store you’d like to see featured in the app, send us an email at or hit us up on our socials below.