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Apple removes charger and earphones from iPhone 12 to save 2 million tons of carbon emissions

Apple have removed the wall charger and earphones on the latest iPhone 12 series for environmental reasons.

Borba Amazonas and COVID-19

The unfolding story of COVID-19 in the Amazon rainforest

Coronavirus knows no bounds and has affected Borba; a municipality in the Brazilian Amazon rainforest.

Pride Month

June is Pride month, the month the Stonewall riots took place, recognising the impact of the LGBTQ+ community and their rich history.

World Hunger Day

World Hunger day is the 28th March 2020, this year’s focus is the rapidly changing landscape of global hunger and poverty.

More than 820 million people in the world don’t have enough food and World Hunger day is a campaign […]

Eco Food Storage: 7 Ways

From single use plastic to how long that fridge door is open – the way we store food still has an effect on our carbon footprint.

7 Hacks For Sustainable Cocktails!

As a rule of thumb, the higher alcohol percentage of a drink, the higher the carbon footprint. Spirits actually have a bigger environmental impact than a glass of wine or a beer but this depends on things like if your beverage of choice has been imported. 7 ways to make your cocktails more sustainable: 1.…
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Windowsill Gardening for Rookies

No garden? No problem! 7 easy growing herbs and plants you can keep on the kitchen windowsill.

Fashion Revolution Week

Fashion Revolution Week

The cost of our clothing goes beyond the price tag, incurring irreversible environmental and social costs.

50 Years Of Earth Day

10 ways that Earth Rewards followers have been reducing their environmental impact!

Recycling 101

Do you actually know what can and cannot be widely recycled?