Pride Month

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Pride Month

June is Pride month, the month the Stonewall Riots took place, recognising the impact of the LGBTQ+ community and their rich history.

As with any large scale event, there are environmental impacts and London Pride declared a climate emergency in 2019, working to reduce the environmental impacts of the unticketed events year on year. Manchester Pride has even won awards for being run so sustainably!

This pride is going to look different but here are some tips on celebrating sustainably:

1. Celebrate locally (social distancing of course)

Try to find an event close to you that you don’t have to drive if social restrictions have been lifted in your area.

2. Join virtual events

With no transport emissions, set up costs or clean-up, you can’t get much more sustainable!

‘Pride Inside’ is a series of free online events that everybody is invited to:

Saturday June 27th there’s a 24 hour live streamed event – Global Pride 2020

From speed dating to painting and dance classes on zoom – there’s an event for everyone:

3. Biodegradable Glitter and confetti

Glitter is actually made from plastic, it’s usually washed down the sink or plughole if worn and the microplastics end up in oceans.

From Etsy to Amazon, biodegradable options are widely available and don’t have to cost you a (glitter) bomb! 

4. Join an LGBTQ+ environmental specific organisation!

@QueersXClimate on instagram is an initiative dedicated to promoting climate activism among LGBTQ+.

OUT for sustainability is an organisation mobilising the LGBTQ+ community of North America for environmental and social action.

5. Lobby from home 

Ultimately the pride parades are a protest lobbying for decision makers to address discrimination faced by marginalised groups.

Writing an email to your local MP (let’s save the trees and keep it digital) asking for a review of the Gender Recognition Act, currently exclusive of transgender and non-binary children or any other issue you are passionate about and don’t feel is being addressed.

6. Don’t beat yourself up

Modern life causes carbon to be emitted into the atmosphere: fact.

If travelling to an event is important to you then go for it! Just make sure you offset your travel emissions through the Earth Rewards mobile app!

Have a great pride – however you celebrate.

– ER Team