Month: March 2021

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7 Sustainable Cocktail HACKS you need to know!

As a rule of thumb, the higher alcohol percentage of a drink, the higher the carbon footprint. Spirits actually have a bigger environmental impact than a glass of wine or…
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Rainforest with fog seeping through branches

International Day of Forests 2021: Why is the day is so important?

March 21 celebrates International Day of Forest to celebrate and raise awareness for the importance of all kinds of forestry. Dive a bit deeper into the history of the day and what this year’s theme is all about.

Amazon Rainforest in the Trocano Project Area of Borba, Brazil

The Trocano Project: The Offsetting Project Protecting the Amazon Rainforest

Located in Borba, Brazil, 1.3 million hectares of Amazonian Rainforest is protected in the The Trocano Project area. To you and us, that’s roughly eight times the size of London!