New Feature: Track the Carbon Footprint of your Drink.

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New Feature: Track the Carbon Footprint of your Drink.

Earth Rewards Tracker on Android Device

We’ve just released a new update to your Earth Rewards app; drink tracking! We know you’re probably not going to remember to track every single thing you drink straight after you’ve had it. Hell, if it’s a big night out, we’re likely not going to remember much at all. However, it’s super important to us to understand the impact of what we put in our mouthes has on the planet, just like how we care about the impact it has on our bodies. That’s why, in addition to tracking the the carbon footprint of what you eat, you will now find a swish, simplistic drinks feature in your Tracker. Update to the latest version of the Earth Rewards app or if you’re not part of our wonderful community yet, come join us! Links to where you can find us just below x

How do I add a drink to my carbon footprint?

Located inside the Food & Drink section of your Earth Rewards Tracker you’ll find the subcategory, ‘Drinks’. Tap the ‘Add Impact’ button to get started. As simple as it is to add a drink to your takeaway order, it’s equally seamless to add it to your Tracker. Select from ‘Hot Drinks, ‘Cold Drinks’ and ‘Alcoholic Drinks’, then tap the plus and minus buttons to select the correct quantity of beverages you’d like to add. Tap the ‘Calculate my Impact’ button and voila, your drinks will now be calculated and applied to your profile.

The Earth Rewards quick add feature allows anyone to add multiple drinks to their carbon footprint so they can calculate and offset their impact.
Adding multiple drinks at once in the Earth Rewards Tracker

How can I make changes to what I track in the app?

After you’ve tracked your drinks, you’ll be able to find a full history of your calculated carbon impacts. From here, you can manage your impacts by editing or deleting them by swiping left on it. If you want to repeat an impact to save time, tap an impact or swipe right to Quick Add it to your Tracker again.

How can I offset the carbon emissions of my drinks?

Collected Earth Rewards points? Ready to offset your CO2? Tap on any impact within your Tracker or swipe right on it to bring up the Quick Offset function. Here, you’ll be able to balance the carbon emissions of that specific impact by using your Earth Rewards Points should you have enough. As drinks aren’t very carbon intensive and only make up a small part of our footprints, they also require a low amount of points to offset.

Quick Offset the CO2 emissions of any drink tracked in the Earth Rewards app.
Quick Offset feature within the Earth Rewards Tracker

Download the Earth Rewards app today to earn up to 100 points for absolutely no cost! That’s enough points to offset like 100 cappuccinos or a standard Monday morning if you’re like us.