Month: May 2020

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World Hunger Day

World Hunger day is the 28th March 2020, this year’s focus is the rapidly changing landscape of global hunger and poverty.

More than 820 million people in the world don’t have enough food and World Hunger day is a campaign […]

Eco Food Storage: 7 Ways

From single use plastic to how long that fridge door is open – the way we store food still has an effect on our carbon footprint.

7 Hacks For Sustainable Cocktails!

It’s World Cocktail Day (13th May)! While we may not be able to celebrate at a local bar or restaurant, we’ll share some tips to help you reduce the impact of your cocktail! Home made cocktails have lower emissions than if you were at a bar or restaurant so we’re already at one advantage! As…
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Windowsill Gardening for Rookies

No garden? No problem! 7 easy growing herbs and plants you can keep on the kitchen windowsill.