Welcome to the Earth Rewards Blog!

Read all the latest news and views from the Earth Rewards HQ

Welcome to the Earth Rewards Blog!

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A big hello from everyone at Earth Rewards HQ. We wanted to be able to share some of the most interesting stories we come across! So, starting today, we are bringing you the latest news and views on all things environmental from around the world. We are also going to be bringing you the latest Earth Rewards updates too. So with this in mind, welcome to the Earth Rewards blog and news page. We hope you enjoy our posts.

By way of an introduction, we are Earth Rewards – the environmental rewards program that benefits people and the planet. You (our Eartherz) earn the Earth Rewards points (ERZ) and the planet benefits. This is because each ERZ helps protect areas of rainforest, together with the biodiversity that lives there and the communities that call it home too.

We aim to get as many people joining Earth Rewards as we can. The more people there are earning the ERZ, the more we can contribute to protecting these vulnerable yet vital areas of our natural world, and help towards reducing the climate crisis we are all facing.

Take actions on your impacts with us!

The Earth Rewards program – and free app – is designed to enable us all to measure and understand the carbon impacts we have on the planet. It also helps us take simple yet effective actions towards reducing our impacts on the planet. This is together with the empowering action of offsetting the impacts we can’t reduce or avoid.

The team believes that taking positive environmental actions and making carbon impact reductions in your everyday life need not be complicated or time-consuming. The Earth Rewards blog and news page is here to help. We aim to do this by bringing you the latest environmental and climate news in a clear and meaningful way.

Earth Rewards is the rewards program that benefits you AND the planet.

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