Tech Spy App of the Week: Earth Rewards

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Tech Spy App of the Week: Earth Rewards

We are delighted and proud to share with you that our Earth Rewards app is featured as Tech Spy App of the Week in Tech Spy Magazine!! This is great coverage for us and we are super proud of our app development team.

We have worked hard on the design and development of our Earth Rewards app and making it practical, informative and effective. So it’s great to get recognition from Tech Spy Magazine as App of the Week.

Tech Spy Magazine


Tech Spy Magazine, 28th November 2019

The aim of our app is to make environmental awareness part of peoples everyday life, but not in a way that is difficult or onerous. We deliver the tools that make it straightforward to make simple changes that can make a big difference.

Small changes can make a big difference

We all know that there is a climate emergency. This is a global issue, but it’s difficult to know how we can help on an individual basis. Earth Rewards is aiming to help everyone realise how simple it can be to make small changes. There are many things we can do in our daily activities that can make a real difference.

Unique features of the app

There are many unique features in our app, such as using blockchain technology for securely issuing, transacting and spending your Earth Rewards points. We have also integrated the creation of a blockchain wallet into the sign-up process, which is pretty ground-breaking!

The team have designed a simple footprint calculator for measuring and understanding your carbon impacts. It uses a slider input to make your selections easy and relevant to your everyday life, and is based on averages. The data behind the calculator has been compiled in partnership with Professor Mike Berners-Lee and his team at Small World Consulting . We have included the data for calculating carbon impacts, across 30 countries worldwide.

There are our “Learn & Earn” Academies and E-Missions in the app too. These simple lessons and quizzes help you learn about the environment, climate change, carbon impacts and more. And better still, you earn yourself Earth Rewards for completing them!

You can also share your Earth Rewards tokens with other app users, to help each other reach your green targets!

Get Started today!

So download our app today and start earning your first Earth Rewards!

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